About Larnaca

Larnaca,  Cyprus, from above

Larnaca, Cyprus, from above

Larnaca is a lively city of 80 000 inhabitants. There is a modern airport, and you can admire the landing airplanes from Larnaca sea front. Over 5 milloin tourists pass from this airport yearly.

Larnaca Marina, Cyprus

Larnaca Marina, Cyprus

Larnaca is the eldest city of Cyprus, it was founded 6000 years ago and it is still situated in the same place. It was called Kition before, and according to a legend this is due to the fact that it was founded by Noah’s grandchild Khittim.Next to the airport there is a beautiful salt lake where you can see flamingos and other migratory birds during winter. By the lake there is Hala Sultan Tekesi mosque which is the 3rd most important destination of pilgrimage to muslims after Mekka and Medina.

Larnaca Sea Front, Cyprus

Larnaca Sea Front, Cyprus

Larnaca sea fron has a beautiful promenade with palm trees, idyllic tavernas, marina and busy cafes. Larnaca has a long Christian connection as the first bishop was Saint Lazarus. There is a church that bears his name built above his reputed tomb. Additionally in Kiti, just outside Larnaca, there is a 1000-year-old church Panagia Angeloktisti which has very rare mosaics worth seeing. Furthermore, in a village called Lefkara you can see and buy world famous laces that have impressed even Leonardo da Vinci.


For more information about Larnaca you can go to larnaca.com or larnaka.com.








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